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Odette sofa 3 sts, fabric artemis col.18
Cristal sofa 3 sts,anatara col.3012.
Dorothy sofa 3 sts, fabric antara col.2012.

The Firm


From over 50 years Erreti Salotti develops its activity of production of sofas and armchairs operating in Italy, in the furniture’sdistrict of Quarrata, in Tuscany.

Surely an important period for the company, been born thanks to the idea of Raffaele Torselli, Roberto's Torselli father who from 2003 has passed the management of Erreti to his son and his daugther , Matteo and Ilaria Torselli. 
So Matteo becomes the managing director of the firm, side by side with Ilaria, who manages the book-keeping part, and with Roberto,who leads the commercial part.

A positive passage in which Matteo and Ilaria pass from collaborators to responsibles in first person and, making good use of their traditions, they look for, with new ideas and styles, the creation of a range of classical and modern models, achieving success all over the world.

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The products of the collections Erreti Salotti are studied and developed inside the company. They are therefore checked, verified and managed by the experience and professionalism of its staff.

Every phase of the manufacture is in the hands of experienced workers checked from the start and followed step-by-step rigorously by responsibles of the production, in the search of the maximum quality.

Every raw material used in the products Erreti Salotti is submitted to several severe tests to obtain confirmation of the specifications programmed.
Frame and foams are certified following the European norms “Reach”  Leathers purchased in Italy that follow the European norms for the test to the rubbing, to the heat, to the light and the damp. All this with the purpose of offering to the customers the maximum one of the quality, important factor of the success of Erreti Salotti as also the competitiveness in the prices.

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Guide to the use and Protection of the Product “Erreti Salotti”


The charme, the beauty and the touch of the leathers used by Erreti Salotti are the result of operations realized in the tannery. Such operations can be resumed in two principal phases: 

the first phase consists of turning the leather into a healthy, soft and resistant in the time product the second phase it consists of bringing to the leather, through operations of finish, the final aesthetical look.

To fully take advantage of your leather sofa for a long time, we beg you to respect some basic rules: the leather, according to its finish, is more or less sensitive to the heat and the light. These factors can dry the leather and can alter the brightness of its colors. 

The sofa must not directly be exposed to the direct light of the sun and it must not be kept next to sources of heat like radiators or fireplaces.

Massage the surface of the leather pushing toward the outside the undulations to avoid that creases appear , therefore the pillows themselves must be spread out to make more homogeneous the positioning of the stuffing. 
Regularly use all the sections of the sofa .We recommend to the people subjecedt to perspiration to protect the headrests and the arms of the sofa.


Do never use products of cleaning on the sofa, but you only pass a soft cloth slightly dampened to avoid to scratch the leather. Otherwise you can consult the firm will furnish you specific products.

In every sofa you will find a sample of the leather used for manufacturing your sofa. This sample has to be preserved because it will allow you to complete your sofa .We only specify you that it is impossible to guarantee identical shade and grain. In effects every leather is unique and therefore different.

The differences that can exist from a lot of leather to another are to be considered as mark of authenticity that contributes to make your couch be unique.



Team Erreti

Sales and Production Director

 Roberto e Matteo Torselli

Account Manager

 Ilaria Torselli

Sales Manager

 Desirée Foddai

Order confirmation,delivery and invoices

 Arianna Cerri


 Irene Richiusa

Receptionist & Suppliers management

 Silvia Nigi